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Creating COVID Campaigns

Round 3 of Creating COVID Campaigns (now called Pandemic PSAs) is on, March 13-18, 2023!

As the Saskatchewan government pretends that COVID is over, we know it’s not. COVID is contagious and still deadly— more people have died in Saskatchewan in 2022 than in 2021.

Creating COVID Campaigns is our “public service announcement design jam” where we write and design a lot of graphics for sharing – on social media and in print – to make people aware of their power to stop the COVID pandemic, protect others, and ourselves.

Many more of these are to come shortly! Please drop our Facebook group to share your ideas.

Update: We’re also running the event again, Sept 23-30! Visit and RSVP to the Facebook event. The event is online, and you don’t have to be there any particular hour for the discussion.

We encourage you to share these on social media, and download posters to put up in your schools, workplaces and communities! Click each graphic to go to the specific campaign.