Rally at MLA Paul Merriman, SK Health Minister 2021-09-08

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As an independent, grassroots, non-partisan and Saskatchewan-based group, Take Action Against Covid, has been run by a small group of volunteers. TAAC is not in the position to be registered as a charity so all expenses to date have been funded by a small core of dedicated members.

All of our actions, and things like our web presence, online campaigns, protest placards, memorial flags, event administration costs, rentals, gas, and print materials have been privately funded by these few individuals until now.

With the recent and imminent removal of all Saskatchewan Covid safeguards, Premier Moe and the government have swept the majority of our people under the wheels of their political ambitions with no substantiation based on the science. Telling us to do our own risk assessments, while they have subverted on every level the healthcare system that provided the reliable, necessary data. Manipulating legal recourse for businesses to provide safe practices and services for their staff and clientele. The SaskParty has allied with divisive groups and promoted their lies and conspiracies ensuring an antagonistic and high-risk setting for all businesses.

We know the majority of Saskatchewan people feel abandoned, betrayed and vulnerable. At-risk populations that need protection are not just the aged, health compromised, and
unvaccinated under 5 year-olds. It’s their families, teachers and caregivers that require the same level of risk management to provide responsible care.

TAAC is growing rapidly and ready to take the next steps to respond louder and more urgently than ever before. We need to pull together the initiatives needed to show Premier Moe that the
majority of Saskatchewan people will not allow this atrocious mismanagement and malevolence to continue!

You can help us do that by volunteering, participating in our events and discussions, and donating. Money collected will go towards supporting campaigns, advertising and managing TAAC initiatives.

We are unfortunately not a registered charity, so we do not issue tax receipts (though you will get an email receipt after donation). We make your donation count by being active and fighting for the health, freedom and future of all peoples in Saskatchewan.

This donation form requires a credit card, but we will very soon be adding more methods of payment. All donations are anonymous and not published on the website nor shared with anyone.


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