Take Action Against COVID is an independent, self-funded, grassroots, non-partisan and Saskatchewan-based group, formed to demand that the provincial government address the COVID pandemic with adequate and mandatory public health measures, instead of ‘voluntary’ approaches which have led to wave after wave of COVID illness, injury and death overwhelming our hospitals.

We act because:

  • We love and want to protect our children under the age of five years.
  • We care about our vulnerable citizens – no one should have to suffer with COVID infection, deal with possible long-term consequences of the disease or be at risk of losing their life.
  • We want to support all our frontline workers – healthcare, food distribution, retail.

Our goal is to urge Premier Scott Moe, Health Ministers Paul Merriman and Everett Hindley, and the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) to take immediate action to mitigate the spread of COVID in the province of Saskatchewan by:

  • Understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to inflict pain and suffering on people and economic damage until it is actually dealt with, rather than a strategy of declaring the pandemic over.
  • Understanding COVID infection and re-infection as a serious problem, and that public health means taking pro-active steps to mitigate transmission of diseases between people.
  • Understanding that Long COVID is a not-uncommon affliction that may follow even a mild case of COVID, and that ignoring it may debilitate hundreds or even thousands of people in Saskatchewan, causing serious damage to many people’s lives and the economy. The best way to prevent Long COVID — as no treatments exist — is to prevent COVID transmission. We want the government and SHA to tell people about Long COVID.
  • Re-introducing mask requirements and other COVID safety measures as necessary to prevent transmission so that we may truly “live with COVID.”
  • Addressing the crisis in our hospitals (ERs, ICUs and COVID Care Units) by supporting adequate staffing and resources, preventing burnout and overload by preventing COVID hospitalizations, and re-implementing mask requirements in medical settings.
  • Provide equity for high-risk and immunocompromised people in our province and their access to medical settings, again by re-implementing mask requirements there among other measures.
  • Mandate that employers in Saskatchewan increase the number of paid sick days, so that people do not have to choose between going to work sick or earning money.
  • Immediately addressing low vaccination rates in targeted age cohorts and communities with low updates with outreach strategies, staffing and funding.
  • Roll COVID prevention into basic public healthcare: free tests (PCR and rapid antigen) should be available for free and forever.
  • Mandating and providing necessary resources to Public Health for TTI – Testing, Tracing and Isolating of all COVID positive cases and their confirmed contacts during at least a 10-day period of established communicability.

Take Action Against COVID is also committed to stopping COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation and disinformation. We will soon have a resource area on this website addressing and correcting Saskatchewan-specific vaccine/COVID-19 disinformation.

Note: Our group began working together under the name Concerned Citizens for COVID Action in September 2021. We changed it to Take Action Against COVID in January 2022 to make the group’s name more self-explanatory and less exclusionary. You may see some materials and graphics on the site reflect our earlier name.