Posters: COVID Campaigns and Pandemic Public Service Announcements

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Download and print campaigns that we’ve made into 8.5 x 11 posters, all on one page.

Each “download” link will bring up a PDF of the poster in a different browser tab, which you can then download.

Social media versions of these graphics are accessible through the Campaigns page. When we’re busy, we sometimes struggle to get both poster and social media versions up, but it is our intention to make all formats possible shortly after we make them.

We also have a Redbubble shop! If you would like any of these campaigns printed on other media, like stickers, this is the place to go.

Please contact us if you experience any problems downloading posters, and we can arrange to get these to you.

We endeavour to keep these campaigns updated into the future. Check back for 2023 and 2024 versions, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about when these are out.

Support Masks Support Masking (colour poster preview)
Support Masks Support Masking

Download colour
Download B&W

Pretending COVID is over doesn’t make COVID over

Download colour
Download B&W

More Masks, Less COVID (Colour poster preview)
More Masks, Less COVID

Download Colour
Download B&W