Activism and organizing

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Pro-public-health, COVID-concerned, and public healthcare advocate groups in Canada and beyond.

Advocacy and Activism in Canada

There are groups that have formed in Canadian provinces to advocate for Long COVID sufferers, immunocompromised and high-risk people, and all others who are or will be affected by COVID-19, which is basically almost everyone.

Many of these groups are in Protect Our Province chapters:

We (Take Action Against COVID) are equivalent to a POP Saskatchewan. Join our Facebook page, group, Twitter and Instagram here, and subscribe to our updates.

A national network of POP organizations is emerging in the near future. Subscribe to our list to get updated when this is happening and info about how to get involved.

Do No Harm, British Columbia (Facebook | Twitter) is a great, inspiring new group dedicated to protest and non-violent direct action formed in 2023 in Vancouver, BC / Treaty 8 Territory.

Public healthcare advocacy in Canada

Friends of Medicare, Alberta

Resources are shared here faster than we can update them on this page.

Follow the Data with Evidence: COVID & Other Disease Threats shares high-quality new research about COVID-19 and distinguishes pre-print studies.

Immunocompromised People Are Not Expendable

USA / Outside of Canada

USA-based grassroots collectives are very energetic in organizing around the COVID-19 pandemic and related equity issues and we highly recommend joining a few.

World Health Network (Website | Twitter | Facebook)
The goal of World Health Network ( is to dramatically reduce transmission in progressively larger areas, to reduce harm, to promote adoption of safer conditions, and ensure a return to pre-pandemic life. They are open to involvement from anyone interested in curtailing the spread of COVID-19 and its harmful effects regardless of education or field of expertise. They have an active, well-organized recruiting/onboarding/get-involved program and are looking for volunteers.

Black Coalition Against COVID (Twitter | Website)
The BCAC is a community-based initiative dedicated to saving Black lives by sharing trustworthy, science-based info about COVID-19 and related vaccines.

Body Politic (Twitter | Website)
Grassroots health justice organization at the forefront of the patient-led #LongCovid movement. Home of the Body Politic COVID-19 Support Group!

Mandate Masks MA (Twitter)
A community advocacy effort to get Massachusetts & Boston to mandate masks in public places when needed.

Mandate Masks NY (Twitter)
An advocacy effort by concerned New Yorkers to get NYC & NYS to mandate masks in public places & schools when needed & provide free masks.

Marked by COVID (Twitter | Website)
Elevating the truth about COVID-19 in hopes of saving others.

Pan End It (Twitter | Landing page)
A cohort of disabled, ill, and immunocompromised folk organizing for pandemic precautions.

Patient-Led Research Collaborative for Long COVID (Twitter)
Patient-Led Long COVID Research.

People’s CDC (Twitter | Website)
The People’s CDC is a coalition of public health practitioners, scientists, healthcare workers, educators, advocates and people from all walks of life working to reduce the harmful impacts of COVID-19.

Protect Their Future (Twitter | Website)
Grassroots org. Parents & pediatricians advocating for protection against COVID-19 for all children. Thousands more on FB & Insta, too!

Right to Health Action (Twitter | Website)
Grassroots-powered movement leveraging COVID-19 for transformative change and health equity.

Smart Restart APS (Arlington Public Schools) (Twitter)
Coalition of parents + teachers amplifying “VITAL” science for #FreshAirSchools in #ArlingtonVA: Ventilation/filters vaccination, testing, remote accommodations, outside lunch

Survivor Corps (Twitter | Website)
One of the largest grassroots COVID advocacy groups — working for survivors, research & public policy.

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