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This page collects frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about COVID-19, vaccines, and public health measures like masking, and aims to clear up misconceptions about them. Over time this will be a much larger subsection of the our Resources area.


Various fact-checker initiatives from media and public interest groups.

Pandemic-related blogs

Dear Pandemic
Pandemic / COVID-19 / public health measures Q&As written by an interdisciplinary, all-woman team of researchers and clinicians with expertise in nursing, mental health, demography, health policy/economics, and epidemiology.

Respectful Insolence
A more “polemical” blog, written by Orac (Dr. David Gorski) that tracks anti-vaccine misinformation and other medical quackery, with very good content about COVID-19.

Do you encounter misinformation about COVID-19, public health, masks, and/or vaccines that we should address here?

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