Where community mourns and celebrates lives taken by COVID-19

Many of us in Saskatchewan are mourning the loss of people we know to COVID-19. These losses of individuals dear to us are often represented by government, media, and health authorities as numbers and statistics, which has translated to a lack of a serious public health response on the part of the Saskatchewan government and in some cases, the public.

Statistics, as useful as they can be, normalize the crisis. Faces and stories of friends and family members who have lost the battle with this particular virus let us grieve, remember, and comprehend the true scale of this preventable tragedy. Seeing the losses of people dear to ourselves and others are a touchstone that reminds us why we act, and strengthens our resolve to move the Saskatchewan government to tackle the COVID-19 crisis with more urgency.

In public appearances of Concerned Citizens for COVID Action, we read as many of these names and details from their stories as time allows. We are affected by losses and grief and are reaching out to create a space for us to come together. We raise our voices for all those who have been silenced.

We invite you to add your loved one, friend, family member or acquaintance to our website memorial, and to give us permission to respectfully recite their names and a few important things about them at rallies.

Eventually, we will make a web page on our site that includes your memorial, but yours will only be included if you grant us permission. Please check the box only if you desire to do that, have consent from the person’s family and/or were a major enough person in their lives to make this decision.

Note: The person you include below must have passed away of COVID-19 or COVID-19-related causes in Saskatchewan, or be from Saskatchewan. We do not discriminate based on a person’s vaccination status — we regard all losses of our loved ones as equal.

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