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White Flag Memorial

On October 23rd, Concerned Citizens For Covid Action placed a Memorial of 800 White Flags on the legislative grounds. 800 blank white flags! One for each death due to Covid in Saskatchewan.

We all need a place to honour those losses.

We all need to grasp the unthinkable image of all those who have been lost.

The 800 flags are much more than that. They also represent the uncountable losses we all are experiencing as individuals and communities trying to survive this pandemic in the absence of responsible
leadership. Those White Flags are being removed from the Ledge grounds this Thursday (Nov. 4).

Many people got to visit the memorial, paying respects and contemplating what we have come to in Saskatchewan, the once proud home of Medicare.

But our losses are felt deeply in every corner of our province. That is where the White Flags should be seen most prominently. Too many of us feel isolated in our grief, loss and anger.

The White Flags demonstrate that we are not alone, it’s a shared burden and requires a province-wide response.

While we relocate the memorial, we are carrying it forward symbolically with white flags placed in windows and on clothing. See the White Flag Campaign for details.