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White Flag Campaign

What is the White Flag Campaign?

From Oct. 23 to Nov. 4, 2021, Concerned Citizens for COVID Action installed a White Flag Memorial to recognize the scope of lives lost to COVID-19 in Saskatchewan.

The White Flag campaign is a call to all Saskatchewan residents to demonstrate their personal and community loss, the loss of confidence in the government of Saskatchewan to handle the COVID-19 crisis, and to demand a more serious intervention to end COVID-19 in Saskatchewan that is informed by recommendations of the province’s medical authorities and professionals.

How to participate:

Participation is simple and visual. White rectangles, to represent the Lives Lost to Covid Memorial white flags, are being placed in windows of homes, businesses, offices, vehicles or as
wearables on lapels, backpacks etc. They can be paper, cloth, white tape or plastic. A simple white rectangle in a visible location.

What do the White Flags represent?

They represent you and your individual loss…. whatever that loss is. It’s real.

  • The loved ones lost
  • The losses from the incalculable uncertainties that have battered our daily lives
  • The empty chair at the table
  • The long term covid heath issues
  • Parents’ lost certitude to guide and guard their children
  • The loss of income
  • The grandchild’s missing hugs
  • Loss of housing
  • Dependable medical care.
  • The unseen valour and turmoil of our doctors, nurses and frontline workers
  • Loss of friendships
  • Loss of mental health
  • The thousands of voices pleading into the empty silence and meaningless responses of our leaders.
  • The absence of responsible leadership to mitigate this crisis
  • The missing compassion and condolences
  • The void of consistent messaging.
  • The inexplicable refusal to enact medical led planning.
  • Their lack of honour to take responsibility and ownership for the totality of their actions.
  • Their endless failure demonstrated by their abject surrender… their white flag last summer as they tossed all responsibility to beleaguered Saskatchewan residents and blaming of others.

Goals of White Flag Campaign

To have a shared visual to both express our individual loss and support others experiencing loss in this time of Covid chaos.

We also want to let our government really “see” just how widespread the impact of Covid is.

They may have raised their white flag last summer but we will carry it to every part of our province as our unified response.

This is a people-driven campaign and we thank you for spreading the word!

There will be more information as the campaign unfolds.